Should you not feel comfortable touring in the wilds, it is essential to have the most suitable vehicle.  The vehicle must be relatively new as well as being very reliable.  The 4x4 Troopy from  Johannesburg 4x4 Hire should be your ideal choice.  

These vehicles are relatively large and very comfortable.  Our Troopies which are well-appointed for 10 people are of the same standard as Troopies for only two.  You are assured of enough space and being most comfortable.

The rooftop tent has reading lamps.  The tent can easily be erected or dismantled by one person in approximately 30 seconds. The roof of the tent is made of aluminium and is well insulated.  After a long and hot journey, a cool afternoon rest is most welcome.  From past experience we know that other types of tents are most often very hot during the day. 

The vehicle is equipped with the Toyota’s extremely capable 4.2 L diesel engine.  The vehicle uses approximately 100 km on tar roads.  For your peace of mind, there are two diesel tanks which together hold 180 litres of diesel. 

All Johannesburg 4x4 vehicles are equipped with 5-gear gearboxes, low range gears and all other safety equipment such as ABS brakes and airbags.  There are also good sound systems and air-conditioners in all of our vehicles. 

As all our vehicles are under guarantee; rest assured that Toyota’s roadside assistance is always available to help you when you are touring in Southern Africa.  In isolated parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe it occasionally occurs that it could take longer to obtain assistance, but in most places 24-hour roadside assistance is available.

The camping equipment which Johannesburg 4x4 Hire supplies is of the best quality.  Please have a look at the list appearing under the photo section.

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